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Repairs and Maintenance

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    Brindley's offers in-house repairs for band and orchestra instruments, guitars, basses, percussion, amps, pedals, keyboards, and more. All repairs are guaranteed. No appointments are necessary. Come by any time or contact us for more info.

    From routine maintenance to complete overhauls, we service Brass, woodwinds, stringed instruments, guitars, and more quickly and efficiently in our in-house professional repair shop.

    This Marshall TSL100 is getting the TLC it deserves.
    It is a pleasure working on this Port City bass preamp!
    Vintage Fender Champ getting ready for a bias adjustment.
    This customer's temporary fix is pretty funny. Time to fix this input jack!
    Extremely dirty AC30VR. There are spider webs all over! Time to clean it up and replace 2 pots.
    Here is a 50+ year old Evette Clarinet expertly restored by our very own repair technician Ed Manteufel. Let Ed and Brindley's revive your favorite instrument too!!
    The horn is disassembled and ready to be sonic cleaned.
    After sonic cleaning, buffing, and some lacquer touch up this trumpet is transformed and ready to play!!
    Another "before" picture showing the wear and corrosion on the slides and the valves.
    After the sonic cleaning and buffing.
    Here is a 1959 Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone that our Repair Technician Ed Manteufel overhauled, and it is incredible! The ease of play and the tone of this horn is astounding.
    Here is master technician Ed with Jake completing the repair and play testing this rare Selmer Mark VI bass sax.
    Band instrument technician extraordinaire Ed Manteufel. Bringing with him 40+ years of experience as a former school band director and repairing band instruments in Canada, North Dakota, and Colorado.
    Matt and Jake busy in the shop.
    Here are Brindley's band instrument repair technicians Ed and Jake in Normal, Illinois attending the The National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians, Inc. (NAPBIRT) 39th Annual conference.
    We restored this beautiful 1963 Czechoslovakian Violin in our professional in-house shop. We can do the same to your family treasure, as well.
    It's always a pleasure to set up this Fender Johnny Marr Signature.
    Bruce set up an all-gold Strat for the Australian recording artists Empire of the Sun! Upon completion it was off to the airport for a flight to South America to join the band on their current word tour and upcoming video shoot.
    This beautiful Southern California made Larrivee guitar came in for a set up.
    Here is a unique Emerald green Epiphone Les Paul getting a little Brindley's TLC.
    A beautiful Taylor model 714 on the bench.
    Setting up a beautiful 1982 Gibson Les Paul Standard. Give me an older LP over the newer ones any day!


    General servicing for woodwind instruments includes a variety of techniques that will keep your instrument in good playing condition. Woodwinds are checked for leaks, deteriorating pads, defective corks, malfunctioning or damaged keys, and more. We provide overhaul and complete re-pads when required. All instruments are play tested so you can be assured that when you get it back it will be in great playing condition.


    The key to a great sounding and playing brass instrument is unimpeded air flow and smooth valve and/or slide action. We check for dents and any other obstructions that may cause restrictions to the air flow. Our techs will make adjustments, clean, and repair any damage to assure excellent valve and slide movement. Brindley’s can sonic clean your instrument which is the safest and most effective way to clean and remove build-up.

    String Instruments

    Wood is always moving- contracting and expanding. Changes in temperature and humidity can alter the way your stringed instrument performs. Not only do we repair breaks in the wood or cracks, but we can install new bridges, pegs, sound posts, and more. After the repair, your instrument will be polished and will look great! We can replace single strings or whole sets and there is never a charge for tuning.

    Fretted Instruments

    Like other wood instruments, guitars, bass guitars, and other fretted instruments need periodic maintenance to ensure good tone, intonation, and playability. Adjustments are made to the neck, bridge, saddles, and nut to maintain good action and proper intonation. We also do fretwork, wiring, pickup installation, cracks and breaks, anything that your guitar may need. Estimates are always free at Brindley’s.